List of 5,000+ Vuln Sites...

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List of 5,000+ Vuln Sites...

Post  Im2Psychotic on Sun May 30, 2010 4:22 pm

Ok here is a list compiled by C0RPS3 and I though he showed me almost all of these i have added a few on there my self. Before you start attacking all of these sites i would just like to establish a few ground rules such as.

1. If the site has already been defaced by a member of net-bashers leave it alone.
2. Give credit to C0RPS3 and I.
3. Do not hold us responsible if you get into trouble after hacking the site.
4.  Do NOT complain about the sites not being vuln.
Alot of these sites are either MySQL Version 4, or have already been fixed so they are not vuln. It is up to you to find the site, if you need a brute forcer to find the tables/columns for version 4 let me know and ill give you one.

Vuln Sites found here

Some sites already done...... Do as you please with them.


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