Hacking websites.

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Hacking websites.

Post  C0RPS3 on Fri May 21, 2010 12:54 pm

There are several methods for hacking websites.

SQLi: This method uses something called union injection which bypasses the database of a SQL server to the tables and columns, which mostly include vital information such as passwords and usernames.

XSS: Stands for cross site scripting, it has been used to steal a websites cookie and exploit it so that a script has been forever imput into the website.

Keylog: Keyloggers have been used on computers, but what they do is copy keystrokes recorded on the victims computer once placed, coppying the passwords, and usernames of myspaces and other things.

Phishing: Phishing is more or less stealing by a fake login, or program that supposedly hacks you things.

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